Desert Songs E​.​P.

by Ahráyeph

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With this E.P., the time has come to close the book on Ahrayeph until further notice. I hope you liked the ride, I know I did. But right now, other musical endeavours are calling me, and I must answer that call.

But I'm leaving you with just over half an hour of music. Back in the 70's, when vinyl ruled the music world, that was considered an entire album! But times have changed, and now you can get half an hour's worth of music in this extended play form, for just 4.5 Euros, which I think is a fair price, considering the amount of music on this release. And I've included all the necessary artwork in PDF form as well : front and back cover art, lyric sheet and even a CD label, for those of you who want a hard copy and can print on CD's.

I hope that, together with everything that came before, this last hurrah will leave you satisfied until such time as I see fit to delve into the dark crevasses of my twisted mind again. Thank you for listening, fare thee well...


released March 15, 2016

Recorded, mixed & mastered @ Rose Creek Studio

Vocals recorded @ Rose Creek Studio & Tanneke's Place

February - March 2016

All songs by Ahrayeph, all rights reserved

Artwork by Rose Creek Audiovisual

Photos : N.A.S.A. public domain, Sylvia Giraldo



all rights reserved
Track Name: Desert Songs III-IV-V

As the Lights go Down
In your Eyes, way Down

Blackened Holes and Hollow Heat
The Beating Sun shines on Defeat
Swallowed by the Sand
The Hand

This Barren Wasteland

Grains tear through Flesh
Bleeding every Step
And still remain Obsessed

Crawl on and on
Crawl on and on
Under the Desert Sun

I, Bastard Son!

I, Bastard Son!


And I wait
And still
So Still

And I wait
Sunset fades
And I fade

I wait

And I crave
And still
Madness raves

And I crave
I thirst
For the Grave

In Grace

For the Grave

I crave

And I see
See me
Staring back
At me

And I see
A Stare
So Cold
So Old

Prelude to Blue
And Yellow Death too
Sweltering Dunes
Of Madness and Moons

Clarity's Haze
By The Senseless, erased
And getting there late
They're sealing my Fate

Space fills with Silence
And Silence is Empty
And deafens
The Dying Heart

Deadens my Senses
To Outer Dimensions
And leadens my footsteps
I'm dragging through Quicksand

Soul turned to Stone
Abandoned, forlorn
Scarred, Torn
Ripped by Scorn

Dressed Down with Lies
By Power-Mad Eyes
Pretending Pretenses...

Berating the Shallow
Frighteningly Fallow
Down to their Marrow
Leaving me harrowed

Straight through my Sorrow
I see no Tomorrow
Leaving me Hollow
Leaving me Hollow

But some day, some day we'll see
The Summerland (repeat several times)


Oh will we see

These shores again

To walk again

Through the Meadowlands

And lie again

'Neath Shadow's Hands

Free at last

Unburdened by the Past

Or Fates yet uncast

The Promised Land...


Mild Oasis, Golden Hell
Keeper of the Poison Well
Toxic Keep in which I Dwell

Tempting Life and Pleasure
In Unequal Measure
Frivolity and Careless

Treasured Love, Silent Scream
Sacrificial Fever Dream
Falls apart - at the Seams

While the Caravan of Dead
Robbed with Unabated Breath
Elders' Wisdom, bereft
Left Unsaid

Left Unsaid!

Retire to your Dreams
And the Lives they bequeath
Clarity Unsheathed

Thrive on this Outside
Live on its Insights
Never hide

Comes the Mourning Dawn
The Abyss looms, a Life forlorn
All Hope gone

All Hope GONE!

Track Name: Perish
Shallow Walking Wounded
Proudly headed for the Fall
Eyes gaze at Illusion, in Dominant Confusion
Polarised and ostracising
Misplaced Soul, pleading Absolution

Shame, Shame upon me now

Meet thy Woman, Misery
Take her hand, be led astray
Love is THE Illusion
The Third Art's Delusion
Chain your Self, Degrade yourself
Let your Self be washed away

Shame, Shame upon me now
Mind turns to Insanity
Unclean Soul, still Unforgiven
And dying in the Womb of its Heart

Unbeaten Heart of Darkness
Carved, Bloodless
High in Lows and Excess

Sincere Humiliation, Carnal Frustration
Subject yourself
To Intellectual Flagellation

Somewhere in the Distance, a Light shines insistent
But the Vision fades

It fades!