De Regum Ac Fures

by Ahráyeph

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Although this song was demoed already back in 2008 and the bulk of it was finished in 2009, I chose to let it lie, because I felt it had a too familiar sound that I was trying to get away from for obvious reasons. Never wrote lyrics for it, either.

Enter Tom Stamates, DJ and station manager of the fabulous Goth Internet radio station Cathedral 13 ( Tom has supported Ahráyeph ever since he got to know the music through another C13 DJ and long time Ahráyeph supporter, Oskar Terramortis, who played Ahráyeph regularly on his Necromanteion program.
Anyhow, Tom contacted me a week ago Thursday - we're now June 28th at the time of writing this - with a reasonable request : seeing as C13 was celebrating its eleventh year of broadcasting, would it be possible for me to contribute anything special, unreleased, remixed perhaps? This got me thinking.

I've uploaded all AnimAElegy songs, so there were no finished demos. Sure, I have about fifteen leftover songs, some of which I might or might not finish and release in the near or farther future. There are at least two or three I would like to release anyway, even though they're not part of a new 'album'. But I didn't want to disappoint Tom. He's a great guy, and he gives Ahráyeph a lot of airplay. So I rummaged through my catalog, knowing I had little time to come up with something, since the deadline was four days later.

Then I heard this demo again, and I thought 'Why the hell not?' After all, it has a great drive, and it wasn't all that long or complicated, so I wouldn't have to spend a large amount of time working on it to get it sounding right and adding the necessary details : it had no synths yet, nor did it have lyrics. And I wanted to re-record the guitars and bass parts, to try and update the Ahráyeph sound a bit by using new gear. So I went to work on that first.

When I wanted to record vocals the next day, a sinus blockage threw a spanner in the works, but fortunately I could work on the synths and the atmospheric stuff for the song's opening. With the blockage gone, I recorded vocals the next day, and managed to scare little children with the screams. That convinced me I got the point across.

What does it all mean? Well, there is a lot of symbolism in this song, however, it will largely sail past the uninitiated. The title itself, when translated to a non-dead language, is a big clue, and suffice it to say I've written the lyrics in support of the Reges, not the Fur. So much for explanations, I'm already giving away too much. Although, perhaps one last hint : the clean guitar melody which opens the song and is the recurring theme is another big musical reference to the lyrical subject. the clincher is that I didn't even realise it until I had written the lyrics and nearly finished the song.

And while it may be true that I don't believe in love, I ended up loving the finished version of this song, that just a few hours ago had its debut on C13. I hope you'll love it too...



Vanity, all is Vanity
And chasing Wind
Drink in Insanity
Spit out Respectability

Violence is your answer
Words like blunt Knives
So Powerless speaks of Power
Deaf and Blind, in your Ivory Tower

Walk, walk the High Wire
Mad with Ill Desire
Drift towards the Mire
This Ship is going Down

Who’s anointed King and
Who is damned the Thief?
I know, we know

Who’s the Beggar and
beggars Belief?
We know
You ignore

(Sociopathic Mania, Lies and Phone Hysteria
Pregnant with Deliria)

Vanity, all is Vanity


released June 28, 2013
All instruments, vocals, programming and arrangements by Raf

Lyrics by Raf

Recorded, mixed and mastered @ Rose Creek Studios, June 21st through June 25th 2013

Artwork : © Rose Creek Design 2013



all rights reserved