End II (Insight) (2012 Purity Mix)

by Ahráyeph

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I was never happy with the way this song sounded. Much like the murky production of 'Farewell', I always felt that, even though I intended it to sound as chaotic as it does, it just did that job too well and parts were indistinguishable. So after a job well done with 'Farewell', I just had to try my hand at this challenge of a song once again. And I got there in the end.

This song was conceived as some sort of tribute to the band The God Machine, more precise, the second half of their track 'Purity', which consists of relentless repetitive tribal drumming patterns, a wall of guitars and a great underscoring bassline and feedbacking guitars coming in from all sides, ending in a wash of guitars and delay. And a desperately sung lyric. And all of that I wanted in 'End II', but different, so I set about doing exactly that. I have to admit that I also had the ending of the Boston song 'We're Ready', from their 'Third Stage' album, in mind when writing that end. Tom Scholz makes his multitracked guitars sound like church bells chiming seemingly random and I always loved that effect. Hey, if Nirvana can steal the main riff from 'More Than A Feeling' for 'Teen Spirit' and get away with it (more than that, even), why couldn't Ahráyeph borrow an idea off a Boston song? I like my classic rock, deal with it.

People tell me they don't hear the influence The God Machine has on Ahráyeph's music, but it's pretty hard to ignore on 'End II' and I'm not ashamed one bit to admit it.

'End II (Insight)' - as opposed to 'End I (Hindsight)', which is the intro of the 'Samsara' album - is a full fledged story, or rather,it is the tail end of a story which starts with 'The Rain Suite', continues in 'Lilith' and ends in this song. I purposely didn't want to put a lot of emphasis on this fact, but I'm now going public with it anyway, because I feel these three songs will be regarded in a different light from now on, which might see all of them find a new appreciation. No, I won't reveal the whole story behind these songs. I'd much rather leave that up to your imagination. Listen to the songs, read the lyrics and make up your own minds...


released September 22, 2012
Music & Lyrics by Ahráyeph

Recorded November 2007 - December 2007 @ Rose Creek Studio

Remixed and Remastered September 2nd 2012 @ Rose Creek Studio

Artwork by Rose Creek Design



all rights reserved