Farewell (2012 Haunted Summer Mix)

by Ahráyeph

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I love this song. Ever since I composed it back in the summer of 2006, I knew it would be the perfect song to close the album with.

One day, I was just fooling around with some new guitar amp software, when I hit a patch that sounded great. I started playing the same three chords over and over again and that triggered the idea, so I hit the record button. I then developed the notion that it should build to a climax, with some solo parts inbetween. Interestingly, this is the only song in which there are synth and guitar solos. I'm not a believer in solos when it comes to Ahráyeph (more power to 'em in other music, though), in 'Farewell' they fit in perfectly.

However, I felt the murky production I imposed on it clouded the track and made it a mess, so I set out to give it a new, clearer mix with a lot more definition, in order to finally showcase the beauty, dynamics and punch this song undeniably possesses and I think I succeeded.

This second longest track on 'Samsara' never got a lot of attention. 'The Rain Suite' always stole a lot of its thunder and most of you seem to prefer some of the shorter songs. I think it's a shame this song is being overlooked, so I would like you to give it another try with this new mix.

Some things are new. I changed the synth sound around, in large part because the software synths I used for this track, virtual analog models, are no longer available to work with, but I feel the substitute actually comes a lot closer to what I had in mind when I recorded the song in 2007, and it sounds a lot warmer.

So here it is, another chance to get acquainted with 'Farewell'. I hope you like it as much as i still do after all these years...


released September 21, 2012
Music & Lyrics by Ahráyeph

Recorded @ Rose Creek Studio, June 2006 - March 2007

Remixed and remastered @ Rose Creek Studio, September 21st 2012

Cover art : Rose Creek Design



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