White Square

by Ahráyeph

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This track used to be part of the very first - and bloody awful sounding - Crucifire demo, some four years before the name change to Ahráyeph. One of the songs that me and whoever was in the band back in the day were the most proud of. I still am, otherwise it wouldn't be on here, would it?

It's obviously not the original, which shall not ever see the light of day, if only to protect your ears from being subjected to its questionable quality. It has been re- recorded and properly mixed this time around and also been provided with new lyrics that still deal with the same subject matter (and even a few words lifted from the original lyrics), but are somewhat less amateuristic. What with one thing or another, it's still very direct, which is something I'm not used to writing.

Oh well, make up your own minds...


Talking - to my Self
No one else
Private Hell

Sands of Time - Never flowing
Blackened State of Mind is growing

In My White Square
(Ahh Yeah)

All things - I won't tell
Walled in
My Private Cell

Empty Words - Hollow Phrases
The World Outside
Finally Faded

From my White Square
(Ahh Yeah)

Misery hates Company
Where will you be
When I retreat

Inside my White Square
(Ahh Yeah)

My T.V. Stare
My Mind so Bare
My Spirit's Flare
(Ahh Yeah)

[Time is running away from me - Try to catch it before it flees]



released May 2, 2010
Music & Lyrics : Raf

Recorded and mixed at Rose Creek Studio, April 2010

Remixed at Rose Creek Studio, August 2011



all rights reserved